Where is Care Provided?

Sometimes the symptoms of a serious illness—or the side effects of treatment—make it extremely difficult to visit physicians in their office or a clinic. While palliative care services are sometimes provided in these settings, Sincera’s care can also be provided right in your own home.

Partnering with your physician to provide an extra set of “eyes and ears” in your own environment—whether that is a private home, assisted living or nursing facility—your Sincera Advance Practice Nurse (APN) will thoroughly assess your needs and have an in-depth discussion about your concerns. She will then make recommendations that will be shared with your physician, any specialists you may see and, if applicable, your nursing home team.

In addition, you will be assisted by experienced and caring nurses in the Sincera office who are just a phone call away whenever you need information, support or coordination of special needs.

You will find that the assistance and practical advice you receive from the Sincera team are as valuable as their symptom management expertise. Speak to your physician about the benefits of receiving palliative care today.