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The experts from Sincera manage pain, symptoms and stresses of serious illness to enhance your sense of comfort, wellbeing and quality of life.

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Supporting Patients

The area’s first community-based palliative care program, Sincera was developed to address the complex pain and symptom management needs of patients with serious illness. We care for patients of any age and at any stage of their illness.

Staffed by specially trained advanced practice registered nurses, RNs, social workers, a pharmacist, chaplains and volunteers who are backed by physicians board certified in palliative care, the Sincera team has partnered with more than 180 area physicians to improve patients' comfort in their own homes.

Partnering with Your Physicians

The Sincera team can partner with your physicians to assess your condition and needs, then enhance the interventions they have prescribed for your symptoms.

By working with your physicians, the Sincera team adds extra support at home to the treatments you are receiving, helping improve your comfort and ability to enjoy life. For those who prefer, Sincera also offers a consultation room at 800 South Detroit Avenue in Toledo. Appointments at the consultation room are scheduled through the Sincera office.

  • "The Sincera team really worked to find pain medication that would not adversely interact with other medications I had to take. My pain has been controlled and I have started physical therapy! Thank you for your dedication to resolving my situation."


  • "My mother was taking multiple pain medications that weren’t really working. This caused fuzzy thinking and a loss of appetite and she was becoming weaker by the day. In just one visit from Sincera, her medications were thoroughly analyzed and a new approach to managing her pain was recommended. She began to feel better almost immediately, started eating and became “herself” again. I don’t know what would have happened if we had not had Sincera come in when they did."


  • "My husband's pain had been out of control for almost 2 years. Jennifer came in and within 2 months, he's finally able to manage his pain better. I only wish we would have contacted you sooner!"


  • "She listened to my concerns and worked to help me get the medication I needed."


  • "Everyone was wonderful and we thank you for all the help."

    –Family Members

  • "Before talking to Sincera, I felt as if I had no one to listen – really listen. I finally had an advocate for my father and my family. Thank you!"


Caregiver Resources

In an effort to help caregivers who are assisting with the needs of friends or family members who are suffering from a serious illness or those who are frail or debilitated due to old age, Sincera is partnering with Hospice of Northwest Ohio
to offer caregiving workshops.

The goal of the workshops is to help the caregivers find personal meaning in the caregiving experience - in effect - turning day-to-day chores into
meaningful, memorable experiences.

The hands-on workshop offers education so YOU can be confident providing care in
your own home.


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Having the Conversation

Adults at every stage of life should make their feelings known about certain healthcare decisions so their families and medical providers know how to respond.

Makes your wishes known in the event you cannot express them.

Provides a written document that further supports and clarifies your wishes to medical professionals.

Assures your family understands your choices - before a crisis occurs.