What Makes Sincera Different?

What does Sincera do that Home Care does not?

While home health agencies provide a full range of services, the sole focus of Sincera is to work with your physician to provide an additional layer of expertise in pain and symptom management.

And, unlike home care agencies–which provide regularly scheduled aide, nursing or therapy visits for a specific length of time–Sincera’s team comes to your home on a consultative basis.  

Who Benefits from Palliative Care?
Palliative care, such as Sincera, can be provided at any time during a serious illness, whether you are expecting a full recovery or continue to decline. It includes pain and symptom relief, supportive care, and in-depth conversations about your disease progression, treatment options and personal goals of care. It is especially beneficial for people who have debilitating side effects from their treatment, or for those who have multiple health conditions that are challenging to manage.

How is that Different from Hospice Care?
To help you understand the difference between Sincera palliative care and hospice care, review this comparison sheet or view this short video: