Is Sincera Right For You?

Living with advanced, serious illness presents many challenges. But, Sincera’s palliative care specialists will manage the pain, symptoms and stress related to your illness so that you can have the best quality of life possible.

Sincera’s supportive care and symptom relief is beneficial at any stage of a serious disease, especially if you are experiencing debilitating side effects from treatment. Contrary to what many people think, you do not have to be dying to receive palliative care!

In addition to providing specialized physicians and nurses who are experts at managing physical pain and symptoms, Sincera works with an entire team to help manage emotional pain and spiritual pain, as well. Equally important, they take the time to help you better understand your condition and treatment options so you can determine your goals of care with confidence.

A referral from your primary physician or specialist is required before the initial Sincera visit in your home.  After visiting you, the Sincera care team will make recommendations to your physician for controlling your pain or other symptoms, then he or she will continue to manage your overall care.

Whether you are expecting a full recovery or continue to decline, palliative care can help!

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Cancer; Heart, Lung, Liver or Kidney Disease; Dementia; Advanced Neurological Disorders; Debility due to old age

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