Sincera FAQs

What does a Sincera consultation involve?

After a referral from your primary care physician or specialist, a Sincera nurse practitioner will visit you to assess your needs. She will determine the best remedy for controlling your pain or other symptoms and will then make recommendations to your own physician. Depending on physician preference, either the Sincera team or your own physician will write necessary prescriptions. This will be explained during the visit. Your physician will continue to manage your care, as usual.

Do I need a referral from my physician to see a member of the Sincera team?

Yes.  If you do not have a referral, Sincera will assist with obtaining one and then will partner with your physician to enhance your care.

Will my insurance pay for Sincera's services?

Medicare, Medicaid and most commercial insurance plans will cover the cost of a Sincera consultation, just as they do other forms of medical treatment. Anyone without insurance will pay on a sliding fee scale; no one will be turned away due to inability to pay.

We will verify your insurance before the first visit so you are informed of any out-of-pocket costs.

How is Sinceraís care different than that of a home care agency or nursing facility?

While home health agencies and nursing homes provide a full range of services, the sole focus of Sincera is to address pain and other symptoms on a consultative basis. Our nurse practitioners are highly skilled in understanding the complex needs of patients with advanced illness and are backed by physicians who also specialize in pain and symptom management.

Do I have to be dying to get help from Sincera?

Not at all. Palliative care is designated for anyone facing any type of serious illness. You can engage our team at any stage in your illness. In fact, the earlier, the better!

Will my doctor be informed of the services/treatments recommended by Sincera?

Yes. Your physician's office will receive copies of visit information and our recommendations. We then will work in partnership with him or her to address your concerns.

Canít my doctor manage my pain and other symptoms?

Of course. However, Sincera is helpful when the pain, symptoms and stress of serious illness become overwhelming and require focused time, attention and expertise that your physician may not be able to provide. Our knowledgeable staff will visit you in your home and spend as much time as needed to assess your concerns; then they’ll recommend solutions that will enhance your quality of life.